Up until today, I’ve been posting an article every day. I guess it’s the ‘ya all, I just started this place and feel so all over it’ kinda stuff. Or maybe, it’s because blogging with Jekyll is so freakin’ easy. Who knows, right?

Obviously, keeping it up like this isn’t always possible. I do have a lot of other stuff to work on but I’m going to try and post at least one article a week as part of my ‘One Post a Week’ challenge.

As I explore new features of Jekyll, I’ll share my thoughts and ideas on it no doubt. I’ll also blog about different apps, service providers, life (especially life with my beagle pal Rory), etc.

There’s one word that all the articles will have in common: authenticity. I won’t be reviewing apps or services I haven’t tried myself. And any Jekyll tips and tricks I find, I will test before sharing my experience.

I’ll also be embarking on an iPad-only workflow trip so you can expect a lot of talking about this as well.