21Mar 2017

Getting busier and busier also means one needs to streamline/simplify the services provided. After many sleepless nights, I’ve decided to start making some changes to my services. In most cases, these changes will have no negative impact on my current clients. The first change takes care of my web hosting packages. I’ve removed the cheapest […]

31Jan 2017

An infected website can be a real pain in the back, especially if you don’t know it is infected. Those websites might seem normal to a naked eye but there can be a lot of (bad) stuff going on under the hood. Needless to say, an infected website is bad for your online image, and […]

23Jan 2017

There is no doubt WordPress is the most often used content management system these days. For all its abilities, it comes with a few problems. Actually, they’re caused by overcomplicated themes rather than WordPress itself. Their complex design, multitude of features, brings along increased number of scripts, style sheets, and other resources. This all slows down […]

16Jan 2017

Last week hasn’t exactly been quiet on the virus/malware fighting front, to be honest. There were websites infected in such a way they would flood the world with over 8000 spam emails per hour (only handful of them gets to roam the Globe thanks to our powerful outgoing mail management system). But we managed to clean them […]

12Aug 2016

With WordPress running over a quarter of the websites worldwide, it’s no wonder it is one of the most attacked content management systems. WordPress is a very versatile tool that makes it unbelievably easy to create a website of your own (and on your own). It does, however, come with its own flaws, security is […]

13Jul 2016

When someone is thinking of your brand they will see the ideologies you and your business represent. In many cases the success of your brand is not dictated by the products you sell or services you provide, but the emotional connection to your target audience. This create the brand message of your business. Your logo act as your best […]

16Jun 2016

People around me know I am a huge fan of Apple products, and am one of those that simply have to get their hands on the very first beta even if it means spending countless hours of fixing stuff when things go south. And with the first developer beta of macOS Sierra it was no […]

03Jun 2016

It’s no secret I love WordPress and I’ve been using this amazing content management system for over ten years now. Working on my clients’ websites, I came across situations that were easily fixed by a simple adding of a relevant plugin. Here’s some of my personal favourites (in no particular order): Contact Form 7 A simple […]

03Jun 2016

It is no big secret that I don’t really like all those photo website services like wix, format, etc. As a photographer I never used any of them, though I toyed with them a couple of times. They’re amazingly simple to use, creating a good looking portfolio site is pretty quick and doesn’t require knowledge of […]