Private Cloud

Protect your data, move them to a private cloud.

Ever heard the phrase ‘un-Google your life’?

Privacy is more important than ever before. Take control of your own data. Stop big companies from scanning your documents so that they can offer you a ‘better personalised service’ when in fact all they do is improve their ad targeting, etc.

Sync your documents, photos, calendars and contacts on all of your devices.

Encrypted connection, no ads, no content scanning, servers in Europe.

Unlike with other similar services out there, your content stays your own.

By moving your files to a private cloud, you take the first step towards protection of your privacy on the Internet.

Private Cloud Features

  • file sync and sharing (incl. versioning and undelete of files)
  • instant upload of photos taken by a mobile device
  • photo and photo gallery sharing
  • calendar sync
  • contact sync


  • 10 GB:   €1.99
  • 25 GB:   €4.99
  • 50 GB:   €9.99
  • 100 GB: €19.99

Tailor-made packages available on request.

Prices are per account per month. Get two months free if you pay for a full year upfront.

Subscriptions by invitations or referrals only – this is to ensure maximum security of your files. If you’d like to allow of the service, contact me.

Works on

 Windows   OS X/macOS/iOS   Linux   Android

A few ground rules...

  • As mentioned above, subscriptions are only available to those invited or referred to me. This is to maximise your own data security.
  • Your content is your own.
  • You are responsible for your content.
  • You agree not to use the service to store illegal content (pirated movies, music, software, child pornography, etc.).
  • If you break the rules, I’ll get in touch to warn you.
  • Should you break the rules repeatedly, your account will be suspended, your data deleted, and you’ll get no refund.


  • Multiple layers of security are in place to protect your data.
  • All data is stored on so called disk arrays, which means if one hard drive fails, the other one kicks in so there’s no service disruptions or data loss.
  • Your files are monitored by an antivirus. If any of your files is reported as infected, I’ll be in touch in order to rectify the situation.
  • I don’t do backups. Backup storage would increase your price. Install a free sync app on your computer to create a local copy of your files.
  • I’ll add your email address to my mailing list so if the server fails, which is highly unlikely, you will be immediately notified.